Caucasian fir

Main characteristic of caucasian fir are thick, rigid but not prickly needles, reaching to even 5 centimeters long, framed askew. Needles are glossy dark green above, and with two blue-white bands of stomata below.

Blue spruce

Blue spruce is a species of pine tree. These trees are highly valuated in gardening because of trifle needs and tolerance of low temperatures. Frequently used as Christmas tree.

Norway spruce

Norway spruce is a species of pine tree. This is the only one spiece of spruce that naturally occurs in Poland. It grows mainly in north-east and south Poland, in the mountains and on the foothills.


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    20 July 2016

    We show you the most recent pictures of trees from our plantation. Information about selling you may get via contact form (CONTACT page) or by calling our number. We look forward to doing business with you.


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Our plantation is one of the first and the biggest plantation of Caucasian fir occurring in Poland. Plantation is situated in Domacyno (West Pomerania Province, BiaƂogard County, Karlino administrative district), 3,5 km from Koszalin. For more information about our plantation go to ABOUT US page or click below.

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