Norway spruce


Norway spruce is our native cultivar of spruce. In natural conditions it grows as tall tree. In gardens it may be planted as various and interesting species of spruce with limited height, interesting type and more resistance on adverse weather conditions.


Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a species of pine tree (Pinaceae). It is a tall tree, growing to 50 m tall and with a trunk diameter of 1,5 to 2 m. Bark is squamous. Sprouts are brown and may by slightly hairy. Spruce’s branches are covered with needle-like leaves, which are 1 – 3,5 cm long, dark-green and prickly. Norway spruce. The cones are 10–20 cm long (the longest of any spruce), and hanging. Norway spruce is cultivated for Christmas trees.


Cut trees


Type of treeHeight
Norway spruce (Picea abies)175 - 250 cm


Caucasian fir

Main characteristic of caucasian fir are thick, rigid but not prickly needles, reaching to even 5 centimeters long, framed askew. Needles are glossy dark green above, and with two blue-white bands of stomata below.

Blue spruce

Blue spruce is a species of pine tree. These trees are highly valuated in gardening because of trifle needs and tolerance of low temperatures. Frequently used as Christmas tree.